The Transformitive Power of Podcasts.

If you haven't discovered the amazing world of Podcasts, it's time to start. What I love most about podcasts is all of the free knowledge available to help in personal growth. You can listen pretty much anytime like when working out, before bedtime, when getting ready in the morning, when you are driving in your car, on long walks, or even while you are cooking. I learn something new every time I listen. You are able to hear from some of the worlds top motivational speakers for FREE. People play thousands of dollars to hear them speak! And it is totally FREE, you can't beat that! I also love that it is an intimate setting and you feel like you are friends with the podcast hosts. They inspire me every time to be a Better version of me. They help me become a better coach for others. They open my mind to new ideas and exciting ways to be healthier. To continue to learn and grow, I believe is the secret to staying young.

I wanted to share some of my favorite Health and Business podcasts so that you can improve your health and mindset too!

1. The School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a NYT bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, former pro athlete and world record holder in football. The goal of the School of Greatness is to share inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet to help you find out what makes great people great. What I love most about Lewis is that he is INCREDIBLY down to earth and he always asks the BEST questions that really help you dive deep and get to the good stuff that we all want to hear. He is upbeat and inspiring. He is open and honest and preaches the power of vulnerability as a way to truly connect with others.

2. Wellness Force Radio with Josh Trent

Josh Trent, spotlights ​world class experts in the fields of physical and emotional intelligence, mindset, behavior change, supplementation, nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, and technology that empower you with actionable steps for your wellness journey. After struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight gain in adolescence, in 2004 Josh let go of over 75 pounds and transformed his life by becoming a health and fitness professional that would coach over 12,000 sessions and evolve into one of the top wellness influencers on iTunes. In this podcast together, we discover the connections between our emotions and healthy habits to live our best life and enjoy the process.

3. Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is a photographer, watercolor artist, and professional napper. She's obsessed with snuggling puppies, eating mac and cheese, and running her own empire from her sunny home office in her favorite yoga pants. She promotes self-care, slowing down, and taking time to vacation and unplug. She is unapologetically herself and has a gentle spirit that draws you in. It is a live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. She is bubbly and makes life fun. She could totally be my friend in real life and I adore her.

4. The MFCEO Project with Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella owns the very successful supplement company, 1st Phorm. He built it from nothing and worked his ass off to get to where he is today. His goal with this podcast is to help motivate people to succeed in business and life. His podcast will inform, inspire and motivate you to get your ass moving in the right direction to achieve your financial and personal goals…whatever they may be. He does like to use a swear word or two but it totally fits him. It is a no bullshit entrepreneurial/motivational podcast and it pushes me to be better. He gives it to you straight. If you like tough love, you will really enjoy this one.

5. Bucci Radio with Amanda Bucci

Amanda Bucci is a 24 year old lifestyle entrepreneur whose mission is to ignite the fire in others to grow into their TRUE selves. Amanda has built her social media following through the perfect combination of consistency, transparency and education. She is always authentically “Amanda” as possible. Her career began as a fitness educator and coach. She shares her experiences, life lessons, and educational feats of personal and professional development.. She does both interview and solo episodes where she and her guests provide fitness, personal, or professional value, stories, experiences, and education. She is extremely down to earth and such a positive, bright light. She is another one that could totally be my friend in real life.

I hope you check out these podcasts and learn something NEW that changes your life and inspires you to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU! If you do check them out and enjoy them, shoot me a comment or a message and let me know. I would love to hear about what you discover!

All the best,


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