Make peace with who you are

After 15+ years of struggling with weight loss, body image, self esteem, fitness and over all a healthier life style, I finally feel like I've found a place of forgiveness and consistency. I've tried many diets and exercise programs and have never been able to maintain or stick to any of it.

Amber is kind, encouraging, forgiving and honest. I learned to adjust a little at a time, that consistency is key, that patience is a virtue and that even the most fit, hard working people like herself have moments of discouragement.

In her six week challenge, I found myself working harder than I ever have. To have a group of women encouraging each other as well as on the spot advice from the group and Amber keeps you on your toes and dedicated. I feel stronger physically and mentally. I feel awesome about my body and eager to continue this healthy life style, and to achieve my goals with patience. I have more energy, I sleep better, I'm happier. Like anyone, I have my rough days, but this program has showed me that it's okay and I can always pick myself back up and get back to it. Amber helps you simplify your goals, finds ways to structure it around your personal needs and lifestyle and keeps you motivated and accountable.

-Mandy Robinson

From Amber: Mandy will be a moderator/coach in our 6 Weeks to a Better You Facebook challenge group starting September 4th. She will be posting two Yoga workouts a week to balance out our weight training workouts. She is also an encourage yet so down to earth and honest. She will share her struggles and victories alongside us. I just love her honesty because it helps you feel that you are not alone in your struggles. We are all just woman trying to live the best and happiest life possible.

To Sign up visit:

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