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Relentless in the Pursuit of a Better You 

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? 

Are you feeling unmotivated to workout ? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by mixed messages on what to eat? 

Do you feel like you don't have the time to take better care of your health? 

Is life so busy that you don't have time to plan and prepare healthy meals? 

We Know What You are Going Through 
It can feel hard to balance all of the stresses of life and still find time to Eat Right for your Body and  Make Time to Workout. We get it!
We want to be here to show how you can Take Control of your Health. We want to be here to inspire you to keep going, keep pushing, so that you can be the Best Version of You.
When you pour from an Empty Cup, you don't have much left to give to those around you like your children, husband, boyfriend, friends etc. 
It is a Mindset Shift to learn to Make Yourself a Priority.
When you feel Good and Fuel your Body Right, you can Be The Best for You and those you Love. 

We will provide you with the Tools you Need to Finally Get Healthy and Feel Good in your Skin in 2019. 


  • HOME or GYM Workout Plans Via an Easy to Use App

  •  Personalized  Macros & Calorie Goals

  •  Quick & Easy Healthy Meal & Snack Ideas  

  •  Private Facebook group for communication & support

  •  Weekly group check ins / accountability posts via fb

  •  Group Video Coaching Calls once a month

  •  A Monthly Healthy Habit Focus so you have a Step by Step Guide to Achieve your Health Goals, One Small Change at a Time 

You don't have to continue Struggling with your Weight. 
You don't have to continue to make excuses for why you don't have Time. 
You don't have to continue feeling uncomfortable in your Body. 
Join us and Start your Journey to a Healthier You Today! 
With an easy to follow Guide, YOU CAN CHANGE your Body, your Health, Your Life. 
We Believe in You and This Program. 

"I am feeling a lot better because honestly, I have never been happier with my body. I want to thank you for helping me get here. I've never looked in the mirror and liked what I saw before now, it is LIFE CHANGING. Thank you"


“Today is BIG celebration for me. One year ago today I started my healthy journey with Amber Nicole Fitness! Last year I completed two of her 6-week challenges and this year the last 90 days. I have lost 18 lbs (1.5 lbs away from my goal) and have lost 15.5" (Bust: -2.5", Waist: -4.5", Hips: -4", both Thighs: -2.25) My health benefits: I am no longer on high blood pressure or acid reflux meds & my bone density has improved. Kudos to Amber."


" Thank you for everything Amber, I am so glad you are my coach" -Chasity

" I just wanted you to know I'm So Thankful for you and everything you do for me and everyone in the Team Relentless group. I've learned so much from you these past few months and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you." - Nicole 

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